Research and Development Center

Research and Development Center

At GNDEC Bidar, our goal is for our students to start thinking with a collaborative mindset from day one to catch the fast developing scenario of technology. Apart from academic labs, we have several labs with the state of the art facilities, various proactive clubs and incubation centre to provide necessary environment and facilities to nurture the creative minds.

The state of the art facilities, proactive clubs and incubation centre at GNDEC Bidar will enable every aspiring student to conduct their research activities and enrich their career. We will expect that every student will go the extra mile to learn not only the pre-defined academic curriculum, but also to blend it with the need of today's Industry to become highly competent and tech savvy professional.

Engineers are needed more than ever. We focus our effort on preparing engineering students to face contemporary challenges and make the world a better place with smart, sustainable solutions that are created and implemented with knowledge, ethics, passion and compassion for those in need at home and round the world.

Our institute regularly deputes its faculty and students to attend various workshops/conferences and also encourages them to publish their papers in various International/National Journals by providing necessary financial assistance.

I welcome you to be part of our endeavor to offer you an excellent platform to actively participate in Research and Innovation activities while pursuing your BE, M.Tech and Ph.D degrees at GNDEC Bidar.

B.E., M.Tech., Ph.D., PDF(Malaysia),LMIETE Dean (R&D) GNDEC, Bidar.
Tel: (+91) - 8296721601


Five-Day Faculty Development Programme On “Research Methodologies and Latex” National Conference on Advances in Computing and Communications (NCACC 2016) on October 22 &23, 2016.