Electronics and Communication Engineering

Department Overview

ECE department was established in the year 1982 with an intake of 60 seats which has progressively increased to 120 seats. The department offers postgraduate course in DCN and has a Research Center. The department has team high qualified, dedicated and experienced faculty members. In this department, 22% of faculties are doctorates and 86% of the faculties are pursuing Ph.D from reputed institutes of the country. E&CE offers a great ambience for wholesome development of students.

With an ever growing enthusiasm for education and research, ECE is committed to excellence in education. It has stringent recruitment policies, high standards for academic performance, outstanding infrastructure and proactive placement initiatives. The students are well trained in their academic curriculum and also in skills that are required for the industry. They are given customized and employability training both in technical as well as in communication skills.Department runs VLSI training program with SEER Academy Hyderabad.

Our students do industry oriented mini-projects in their pre-final semester using state of the art lab facilities provided in Vinuthana and Intel labs. Through this, they gain experience and exposure on industry practices to become competent and tech savvy professionals.

Prof Ramesh Patil

Assoc. Professor & Head of Department


The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering Established in the year 1982. It is one of the most dynamic department of Guru Nanak Dev engineering College Bidar. It offers Under Graduate and Post Graduate course in Various discipline of Electronics and Communication branch. Electronics and Communication Department is accredited by NBA in 2004 and again in 2008, New Delhi.

Department started with an initial intake of 30 students in the year 1982, Progressively Enhanced to 120 intake in the year 2006.In the year 2011 Department started with a post Graduation course in “Digital Communication and Networking” with a intake of 18 students.

In 2018 department started with a Research and Development (R&D) affiliated to VTU. The labs in department are well equipped which includes VLSI lab, Microprocessor and Microcontroller lab, DSP lab, Analog/Digital Lab and communication lab and Vinuthana Lab (Hobby Project / Mini project).

Department has a MoU with Intel-FICE Bangalore and SEER Academy Hyderabad.Alumni of the Department are not only working in India but also in Aboard in various reputed companies like Intel, Samsung, Sony, Philips , Nokia , Siemens , Infosys, TCS etc.

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To Excel in Electronics and Communication Engineering with social responsibility and to mould the graduates to face the global challenges.

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M1: To impart quality education through advanced teaching and learning aids facilitating the students to develop technical skills through innovative ideas and their implementation.

M2: To Build Competence through hands - on experience using state of the art technology with the help of Industry- institute partnership.

M3: To guide the students to become responsible citizens of the Nation by inculcating ethical and moral values through participation in Social activities.

Program Educational Objectives (PEO's)

PEO1: The Graduates will be able to function as professional in rapidly changing World keeping pace with the advances in technology.

PEO2: The Graduates will be able to contribute in improving the life standards of the society.

PEO3: The Graduates will be capable of doing innovation, new research activities and imparting knowledge.

Innovative Teaching and Learning Method

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  Detailed list of all Faculty Members of the Department
Name of Faculty Designation Qualification Staff Experience Contact Details Photo Profile
Dr. Ravindra EklarkerProfessor & PrincipalPh.D, LMIETETeaching22 years9448336042
Prof Ramesh PatilAssociate Professor & HODM.Tech. (Ph.D)Teaching23 years9448205571
Shrinivas Madhav JoshiProfessorM.TechTeaching33 years9900219200
Dr. Md. BakharProfessor & R and D CoordinatorM.Tech, Ph.DTeaching20 Years9886147655
Dr. Anuradha M. SandiAssociate professorPh.DTeaching21 years9448426484
Dr. Kishan SinghAssociate ProfessorP.hDTeaching17 years9741084453
Dr. Veerendra DakulagiAssoc.ProfM.Tech, Ph.D, LMIETETeaching10 YEARS8296721601
Rajendra KulkarniAssistant ProfessorM.Tech, MSTeaching28 years9481429131
Mrs.PREMALA BHANDEASST PROFESSORM.Tech. (Ph.D)Teaching13.5 Years9845790449
NAMRATHAASST PROFESSORM.Tech (Ph.D)Teaching12 Years9379030328
SAVITA SOMAASST PROFESSORM.Tech(Ph.D)Teaching10.5 yearsSavita.soma@gmail.com
SHILPA BIRADARASST PROFESSORBE Metch(Phd)Teaching9 years 10 months8095247620
Nitin KulkarniASST PROFESSORM.tech(DCN)Teaching10 years9986548068
PRAVEEN REDDYAsst ProfessorM Tech (Phd)Teaching8.5 years9916542332
Shravan KumarASST PROFESSORM.TechTeaching08 years9900418224
Pavan MankalASST PROFESSORBE,M.TECH(PhD)Teaching5.5 Years9538801644
Prof. Pradeep KaranjeASST PROFESSORB.E ,M.TECH (Ph.D)Teaching05 Years9449178668
Rakesh MarturkarAssistant ProfessorB.E., M.TechTeaching06 Years9902424263
ArchanaAssistant ProfessorM.Tech (VLSI)Teaching04 yearsvemula.archana1@gmail.com
Harish JoshiAssistant ProfessorM.TechTeaching04 Years9738448881
Soni MankariASST PROFESSORB.E,M.Tech(VLSI system design)Teaching05 years9731273856
SheetalASST PROFESSORM.TECHTeaching3 YEARS7795314531
Mrs. Poornima K Non-Teaching 13 years9986063110
Reshma CNon-Teaching 8 years 2 Months9738839996
Manpreet SinghNon-Teaching 8 years 1 Month8971381313
Mayuri NidebaneNon-Teaching 6.5 years9591174005
Tejinder SinghNon-Teaching 01 years
Basavaprabhu ShapurNon-Teaching 07 years9738416480
Sardar Gunwanth Singh Lab Assistant ITI Electronics,Diploma in Desktop and Chip level Non-Teaching29538335213
  Detailed list of all Supporting Staff Members of the Department
Name of Faculty Experience Contact Details Photo
  Detailed list of all the Labs of the Department
Sl.No. Name of Lab
1 Analog Communication Lab + LIC Lab
2 Microprocessor Lab
3 VLSI / HDL Lab
4 Power Electronics Lab
5 Analog Electronics Lab
6 Microcontrollers Lab
7 DSP Lab
8 Logic Design Lab
  Contact Us

Prof Ramesh Patil
Associate Professor and Head of the Department
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Bidar - 585401

Email: rameshpatil.gndec@gmail.com

Phone: +91-94-48-205571

Department Club Details
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1 Professional Connect Club Click Here
2 Quiz Club Click Here
3 Technology Sharing Club Click Here
4 Electronics hobby Club Click Here

  Research and Development Cell

Research and development is a set of strategic, proactive, catalytic and capacity building activities designed to facilitate individual faculty members, team of researcher and central administrations in attracting extra mural research funding, creating relationship and developing and implementing new ideas.

Electronics and communication department was established in the year 1982 with an intake of 30 seats which has progressively increased to 60 seats and 120 seats in 1999 and 2006 respectively. The department has team of high qualified, dedicated and experienced faculty members. 22% of faculties are doctorates and 86% are pursuing Ph.D from reputed institutes of the country. The department started PG course in Digital communication and networking in 2011-12 and R & D center in 2017 from the VTU Belagavi. Presently 18 research scholars are pursuing for Ph.D in which two had completed comprehensive viva-voce others have completed course work. R&D center has organized 5 days Faculty development program on “Research Methodologies and LATEX” from 15-19 Feb 2018.

Name of HOD: Prof. Ramesh Patil

Name of the R&D coordinator : Dr. Md. Bakhar

Number of research supervisors : 04

Total number of publications : 173

Total number of presentations :96

Major Equipments

Sl.no Equipments Particulars Quantity
1 Computer P –IV 05
2 PCAAD Software 01
3 Microwave Integrated Trainer (MIC-10) 01
4 Advance Fiber Optics Trainer Kit 01
5 Satellite Communication Lab 01
6 Antenna Training Kit 01
7 CRO 50MHz 05
8 DSO 25MHz 02
9 Function Generator 1Hz-1MHz 05
10 Power Supply 0-30V 05
11 Micro wave Bench Set 01
12 Cadence software 01
13 Hp1020 printer 01

Total number of ongoing project : 08

List of Research Supervisor

Sl.no Name of Supervisor Designation RSRI No Domain No.of Registered Scholars
1 Dr.Ravindra. E Professor VTU0817636 Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 06
2 Dr. Md. Bakhar Professor VTU0817599 Smart Antennas 07
3 Dr. Anuradha S Professor VTU08171189 Material Science 07
4 Dr Kishan Singh Associate Professor VTU0817868 Microstrip Antennas 03

List of Research Scholars

Sl.no Name of Supervisor Name of Research Scholar
1 Dr.Ravindra.E Mr. Pradeep K
Mr. Harish Joshi
Mrs. Shilpa B
Mr. Pavan K
2 Dr Md. Bakhar Mrs. Premala P
Mrs. Namrata
Mr. Mahesh M
Mr. Anil Rathod
Mrs. Pallavi B
Mr. Gurudev D
3 Dr Anuradha Mr. Murali Dova
Mr. Laxmikanth R
Mrs. Trupti B
Ms. Nagashweta
Ms. Sujata
Mrs. Chaya Bhavi
4 Dr Kishan Singh Mrs. Sangita

R & D Activites

Sl.no Title Know More
1 List of Publications Click here