Electronics and Communication Engineering

Department Overview

ECE department was established in the year 1982 with an intake of 60 seats which has progressively increased to 120 seats. The department offers postgraduate course in DCN and has a Research Center. The department has team high qualified, dedicated and experienced faculty members. In this department, 22% of faculties are doctorates and 86% of the faculties are pursuing Ph.D from reputed institutes of the country. E&CE offers a great ambience for wholesome development of students.

With an ever growing enthusiasm for education and research, ECE is committed to excellence in education. It has stringent recruitment policies, high standards for academic performance, outstanding infrastructure and proactive placement initiatives. The students are well trained in their academic curriculum and also in skills that are required for the industry. They are given customized and employability training both in technical as well as in communication skills.Department runs VLSI training program with SEER Academy Hyderabad.

Our students do industry oriented mini-projects in their pre-final semester using state of the art lab facilities provided in Vinuthana and Intel labs. Through this, they gain experience and exposure on industry practices to become competent and tech savvy professionals.

To Excel in Electronics and Communication Engineering with social responsibility and moulding the graduates to face the global challenges.

M1: Imparting quality education through advanced teaching and learning aids facilitating the students to develop technical skills through innovative ideas and their implementation.

M2: Guiding the students to become responsible citizens of the Nation by inculcating ethical and moral values through Social activities.

M3: Building Competence through hands - on experience with state of the art technology with the help of industry-institute partnership.

Program Educational Objectives (POE)

PEO1: The Graduates will be able to function as professional in rapidly changing world keeping pace with the advances in technology.

PEO2: The Graduates will be able to contribute in improving the life standards of the society.

PEO3: The Graduates will be capable of doing innovation, new research activities and imparting knowledge.

List of Faculties for Electronics and Communication Engineering

Name of Faculty Designation Qualification Staff Experience Contact Details Photo Profile
Dr. Ravindra Eklarker Professor & HOD Ph.D, LMIETE Teaching 22 Years reklarker@gmail.com
Shrinivas Madhav Joshi Professor M.Tech Teaching 33 years shrinivasjoshi999@gmail.com
Dr. Md. Bakhar Professor M.Tech, Ph.D Teaching 20 Years mohammed.bakhar@gmail.com
Dr. Anuradha M. Sandi Associate professor Ph.D Teaching 21 years anu29975@gmail.com
Dr. Kishan Singh Associate Professor P.hD Teaching 14 kishanskrish@gmail.com
Rajendra Kulkarni Assistant Professor M.Tech, MS Teaching 28 rajendrakulkarni.ec@gmail.com
Prof Ramesh Patil Associate Professor M.Tech. (Ph.D) Teaching 23 rameshpatil.gndec@gmail.com
Dr. Veerendra Dakulagi Asst.Prof., & R&D Co-ordinator M.Tech, Ph.D, LMIETE Teaching 10 YEARS Veerendra.gndec@gmail.com
8296721601 & 7411767169
Mrs.PREMALA BHANDE ASST PROFESSOR M.Tech. (Ph.D) Teaching 13.5 Years kashipremla@gmail.com
NAMRATHA Asst.Prof M.Tech (Ph.D) Teaching 12 Years namratha.nst@gmail.com
SAVITA SOMA Asst. Professor M.Tech(Ph.D) Teaching 10.5 yr Savita.soma@gmail.com
Nitin Kulkarni ASST PROFESSOR M.tech(DCN) Teaching 10 years nitinvk308@gmail.com
SHILPA BIRADAR Asst.Prof BE Metch(Phd) Teaching 9 years 10 months biradar.shilpa8@gmail.com
Shravan Kumar Assistant Professor M.Tech Teaching 08 kmrshravan@gmail.com
Pavan Mankal Assistant Professor BE,M.TECH(PhD) Teaching 5.5 Years pavanmankal2010@gmail.com
Prof. Pradeep Karanje Assistant Professor B.E ,M.TECH (Ph.D) Teaching 5 Years Pradeepkaranje2012@gmail.com
Soni Mankari Asst Prof B.E,M.Tech(VLSI system design) Teaching 5 years mankarisoni.308@gmail.com
Harish Joshi Assistant Professor M.Tech Teaching 4 Years harishjoshi@outlook.in
Archana Assistant Professor M.Tech (VLSI) Teaching 4 years vemula.archana1@gmail.com
Rakesh Marturkar Assistant Professor B.E., M.Tech. Teaching 6. Years marturkar.ec@gmail.com
Mrs. Poornima K --- --- Non-Teaching 13 years kpoornima28@gmail.com
Reshma C --- --- Non-Teaching 8 years 2 Months reddy.reshma05@gmail.com
Manpreet Singh --- --- Non-Teaching 8 years 1 Month rinks266@gmail.com
Mayuri Nidebane --- ---- Non-Teaching 6.5 years rnmayuri08@gmail.com
Tejinder Singh --- --- Non-Teaching 1 years ---
Basavaprabhu Shapur --- --- Non-Teaching 7 years basavaprabhu.shapur@gmail.com

List of Supporting Staff for Electronics and Communications Engineering

Sl.No. Name of Staff Experience Designation Contact Details Photo

List of Laboratories of Electronics and Communications Engineering Department

Sl.No. Name of Lab
1 Analog Communication Lab + LIC Lab
2 Microprocessor Lab
3 VLSI / HDL Lab
4 Power Electronics Lab
5 Analog Electronics Lab
6 Microcontrollers Lab
7 DSP Lab
8 Logic Design Lab

Contact Us

Dr. Ravindra Eklarker
Associate Professor and Head of the Department
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Bidar - 585401

Email: reklarker@gmail.com